Many people may think Biocomma is a newcomer in area of SPE cartridges, while they do not know Biocomma has quietly dedicated to its efforts in this area for 11 years.

In 2006, we have successfully launched Copure® frits and empty columns for SPE cartridges which have founded the technology platform of SPE cartridges and helped many manufacturers to develop China domestic brands of SPE cartridges.

Frits and Empty Cartridges
Frits and Empty Cartridges

In 2012, based on technologies of biocomma® frits and empty columns, Biocomma has introduced our own facilities to start to the OEM business and sorbent packing services, which has continually supplied to well-known brands around the world.

In 2013, we co-built the application lab F.Q.T.™F.Q.T.™is an important 3rd-party food test institute which particularly offers services for Hongkong.

F.Q.T. Lab
F.Q.T. Lab

In 2015, we found that blindly lowering the cost of products would largely harm the interest of customers. Only with the 100% reliable quality assurance, the products could ensure to offer consistent and high customer experiences. We have launched our own SPE cartridge brand Copure® and set it as our standard for OEM services.

SPE Cartridges
SPE Cartridges

The main features of Copure® SPE cartridges covers:

  • Reliably global sources of spherical sorbent;
  • Set Waters® as the benchmark brand for recoveries and reproducibility.

In 2015, we built our own application lab for SPE cartridges and started to publish applications in 1 paper per week to serve the customer and market needs.

And thorough continually micro-innovation, Copure® SPE cartridges have kept to be active and up-to-date vitality.

In 2017, we successfully launched the Copure® SPE cartridges. Silibase® SPE cartridges are all used the silica gel produced on our oww, which serve specifically the customers who are sensitive to price with large consumption demand, such as the 3rd-party analysis labs.

Silibase® SPE cartridges set an OEM product series which is using the neutral brand packaging.

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