Unwittingly, Biocomma have taken part in PittCon four times. I attended this conference three times, and witnessed the growth of Biocomma. It’s so exciting to look back at all achievements that we made in the past years. So our colleagues said, “Why not share these stories about PittCon?” Here are some stories, about Biocomma and PittCon.

2014, Biocomma’s Debut at PittCon

At PittCon 2014, held in Chicago, Biocomma showed its 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips, as well as biocomma® empty columns and SPE frits.

This was our filters’ debut on the global stage, where some magnates in the world market were interested in these innovative products. In the same year, we defeated foreign competitors in China market and forced them quit China market.


2015, Biocomma Showcased More Abundant Products at PittCon

At PittCon 2015, held in New Orleans, Biocomma brought in its classic products, 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips, as well as biocomma® empty columns and SPE frits.


In addition, we proudly showcased Embed® CPG Frits for oligo synthesis, FPLC columns, and OEM services of SPE/QuEChERS/nucleic acid purification columns, etc.


In this year’s PittCon, we made a lot of friends, and built close friendship with many customers.


2017, Innovation is Core Concept of Biocomma’s PittCon Exhibition

At PittCon 2017, held in Chicago, Biocomma announced solutions based on our “Porous Plastic Filters & Sample Preparation” concept. In this exhibition, we also proposed another two innovative concepts which had been core ideals through Biocomma’s innovative growth: cross-industry, sample preparation.

Innovative Concepts: Cross-industry & Sample Preparation.

Cross-industry: Cross-Industry Innovation in Filtration and Biomedical Products for Customers Worldwide.

Sample Preparation: We offer solutions for sample preparation based on the application of our filtration technology in liquid-solid separation.


Additionally, Biocomma showcased filtration parts, solutions for solid-phase extraction and nucleic acid & protein purification. Meanwhile, our premix buffer powders made their first appearance.


2018, Biocomma Announced Well-Established Integrated Solutions at PittCon

At PittCon 2018, held in Orlando, we announced two well-established integrated solutions, for solid-phase extraction and nucleic acid purification, respectively. By now, we are able to manufacture all core parts, including sorbents, silica membrane, empty columns, frits, and filters, and to carry out comprehensive laboratory application tests.


Additional, we introduced very competitive new products: electronic pipettes and QuEChERS cleanup pouches.

Electronic pipettes: comfortable, versatile, and flexible liquid transfer.
QuEChERS cleanup pouches: Biocomma’s innovative products, aiming to reduce shipment cost

Today, PittCon 2018 concluded successfully. I can’t calm down for a long time, the bits and pieces of the communication with the customers are still ringing in my ears, I am thinking constantly about the belecture and expectation of them.

Good luck in 2018, and meet us at PittCon 2019.

(The post was written by Mr. Gaoming Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomma, on Mar. 1, 2018.)

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