Cross-Industry Innovation in Filtration and Biomedical Products for Customers Worldwide.

The mission of Biocomma Limited includes three aspects: focus, cross-industry innovation, to provide services worldwide.

The First Aspect: Focus

Biocomma has being specializing in two focuses. The first focus is filtration, specially in sintered polyethylene (PE) filtration technology with the philosophy “Filtration for health”.

The second focus is biomedical technology. Biocomma not only is striving to improve the sample preparation technology in laboratories, and to improve diverse applications of lab consumables, but also expanding the filtration technology into water treatment area. We are providing customers with consumables and OEM services, as well as comprehensive solutions for customers.

Two Focuses: Filters (Frits) and Columns
Two Focuses: Filters (Frits) and Columns

The Second Aspect: Cross-Industry Innovation

With the cross-industry innovation during 11 years of Biocomma’s history, Biocomma is striving to develop new applications and products in filtration and biomedical & healthcare industries. Cross-industry innovation has become the unique advantage during competitions.

Biocomma Certificates
Biocomma Certificates

Cross-Industry Innovation: Some Examples

Biocomma successfully developed the H2OStop® technology and the self-sealing filters for medical applications in 2009. In 2013, we extended applications of H2OStop® technology, applied self-sealing filters to IV catheters, helping reduce risks of infection resulting from intravenous infusions. In 2016, with the H2OStop® self-sealing technology, the structure of disposable suction canister has been simplified and cost-saving, therefore H2OStop® self-sealing filters are widely used in suction canister products.

Biocomma optimized the flow rate of nucleic acid extraction columns through its biocomma® frit technology in 2010, which enables the better extraction results. Biocomma improved its nucleic acid extraction material including SpinFlow™ high-yield silica membrane and SpinFlow™ high-speed centrifuge membrane in 2016. The absorption of nucleic acid of high=speed centrifuge membrane has been improved by 1.5-2 times, and the membrane enables the column to work in good condition during centrifuge at 1,200 rpm.

Biocomma introduced its ground-breaking Embed™ technology in 2014, by combining the functional material and porous filtration technology. Sintered from UHMW-PE material and function material, the resulting Embed™ CPG Frits have been an essential tool for oligo synthesis. Biocomma is striving its effort to oligo synthesis through its Embed™ technology to cost-down the low-loading oligo Synthesis.

To reduce the noise level of operation environment, Biocomma improved the porosity of porous plastic filters in 2015, developed soft filters, which feature 1.5-2 times in porosity compared to ordinary filters. Biocomma then introduced Dasang® mufflers and Dasang® SMT filters through its Dasang® technology.

The Third Aspect: to Provide Services Worldwide

Biocomma is providing its products worldwide and aims to be a well-know global brand through continuously improving the world services.

Biocomma at PittCon 2017
Biocomma at PittCon 2017

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