Throughout the ages, Biocomma adhere to the quality policy

By innovating in technology, production and marketing, we constantly provide products and services in high quality to meet even-increasing customer needs in professional market segments around the world.

to offer high quality products and services for customers in areas such as chemical analysis, life sciences and filtration.


How to interpret our quality policy?

1. Containing the two tenets of Biocomma: Innovation and Cross-Industry

Cross-industry innovation is the vision and cultural gene of Biocomma. We have been focusing on the fields of filtration and biomedical products with intensive cultivation for more than a decade.

2. Containing the Voice of Customer We Defined

The VOC we defined is a set of specific needs in professional market segments. So we continue to draw and train professional talents to discover and meet what customer need. More often we stand together with our customers to promote the industry and solve problems, optimize product performance.

3. Containing What Products and Services We Provide

The services and products we provide: first, innovation, and second, high quality.

4. Containing the Commitment of Continuous Improvement

We believe that customer needs are ever-accelerated, so we insist on working together with our them to feel the pulse of specific needs and do our best to meet their ever-changing needs.

ISO Certificate
ISO Certificate


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