We started to build nucleic acid column product line since 2010, including miniprep, midiprep and maxiprep columns. According to customer’s demand, we gradually established technology platforms of porous plastics and separating materials, with independent intellectual properties.Based on these two technology platforms, we developed a series of nucleic acid purification technologies. Here is a summary of our nucleic acid purification technologies.

Tailor-made for industrial users

Technologies based on porous plastics technology platform include:

SpinFlow ™ membrane, high speed centrifuge membrane, biocomma® plasmid extraction paper filter tube, biocomma® plasmid extraction filter tube

Technologies based on separating material technology platform include:

Silica membrane, high-loading silica membrane, macroporous silica membrane, and anion-exchange resin.

SpinFlow™ Membrane


As Biocomma’s newly developed specific-purpose membrane for nucleic acid extraction, SpinFlow™ membrane shows good temperature tolerance (holding samples at 70 °C for up to 30 min in water bath), is able to withstand high speed centrifugation. A sample held in a column with SpinFlow™ membrane can be enzymatically digested, transported and stored, without worrying of leakage. Then, the resulting lysate is allowed to pass through the membrane by applying high speed centrifugation, thus cleaning up the solution containing nucleic acids.

  • SpinFlow™ membrane has been applied in many fields, particularly in forensic science:
  • Extraction of DNA from exhibits such as bloodstains, saliva and fair found on crime scenes
  • Extraction of DNA from biological fluids such as plasma, serum, whole blood, lymph and saliva
  • Extraction of DNA from bacterial lysates


biocomma® High-Speed Centrifuge Membrane


High-Speed centrifuge is always necessary for micro preparation. biocomma® high-Speed centrifuge membrane is made of special material, shows almost no binding to nucleic acids. It has a minimal thickness of 0.3 mm, making it an ideal component for nucleic acid purification.

  • Can withstand high speed centrifugation
  • Low adsorption to nucleic acids
  • Very small void volume
  • High speed centrifuge for micro preparation

Silica Membrane


Silica membrane is a key component in spin column-based nucleic acid purification technology. Under low pH and chaotropic conditions, nucleic acids specifically bind to silica membrane while polysaccharides and proteins pass through. Impurities are further removed by washing. Finally, under low salt conditions, nucleic acids are desorbed and eluted from the membrane. Most silica membranes on the market are designed for filtration, Biocomma silica membrane is optimized for nucleic acid purification.

  • Low cost solution for nucleic acid purification

Silibase® High-Loading Silica Membrane


Compared to normal silica membrane, this high-loading silica membrane features 1.5 to 2.0 times yields of nucleic acids.

This silica membrane has strong adsorption, can be used for both maxi and mini extraction.

  • Extraction of micro and short fragment DNA

Macroporous Silica Membrane (10um/20um/50um/100um)


The pore size of normal silica membrane is 1 um. Using vacuum to extract nucleic acids is prone to failure due to low flowrates of viscous samples.

Our macroporous silica membrane we developed has pore sizes of 10 um or larger. Samples can pass smoothly while yields would not be compromised.

  • Nucleic acid purification through vacuum
  • Nucleic acid purification with pipette tips

Anion-Exchange Resin


Modified from our silica particles, this anion-exchange resin features very large yields of nucleic acids.

  • Useful for plasmid megaprep/gigaprep through gravity flow

Large-Volume Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns


Use scenario 1: Large volume sample with small nucleic acid amount, expected elution volume is quite small, such as IVD.

Use scenario 2: Large volume sample with large nucleic acid amount, use normal elution volume.

Paper Filters with Plastic Brackets


biocomma® paper filters with plastic brackets are molded from filter paper and polyethylene with a higher filtration surface area, which are suitable for gravity-flow filtration of viscous liquid such as bacterial cell lysate.

  • Gravity-flow filtration of bacterial cell lysates

Filtration Cartridges for Plasmid Preparation


biocomma® filtration cartridges for plasmid preparation are designed to filter viscous liquid such as bacterial cell lysate. Driven by positive pressure, as the plunger is pushed down, lysate could pass through the frits and form an appropriate solution for further purification.

  • Quick filtration of viscous bacterial cell lysates

Nuleic Acid Extraction Tips

Based on Biocomma’s macroporous silica membrane, these nucleic acid extraction tips are ideal for quick POCT testing.

  • For point-of-care testing (POCT)
  • For scattered samples


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