Biocomma devotes to developing and manufacturing filtration and separation materials to provide innovative solutions for sample preparation and testing.

With more than 12 years of experience, Biocomma is always trying its best to provide innovative solutions for sample preparation and testing, and established filtration material technology platform and separation material technology platform with its proprietary intellectual property rights. Here we present a brief introduction to these technology platforms.

Filtration Material Technology Platform

Since its inception in 2006, Biocomma has built its filtration material technology platform, a.k.a. porous plastic filters, to produce low-cost laboratory filters for various applications, including sample preparation and testing. Our pioneering hydrophilic frits and self-sealing filters have spearheaded several brand-new applications in biomedicine area.

Biocomma frits come with various pore sizes/thicknesses/purities/modifications, and are the basic tool for life science.

With years of development, biocomma® frits-based sample prep parts now provide innovative solutions for chemical analysis & separation, protein purification, nucleic acid extraction, peptide synthesis, oligo synthesis, helping customers turn their research into commercial products, shorten development process and reduce manufacturing costs.

New applications

Since 2015, our sintered plastic filter technology has evolved to produce medium-sized and large-sized filters, to improve filter porosities, to foster new applications. Medium-sized filters include Dasang® mufflers, Dasang® SMT filters and H2OStop® filters for suction liners; Large-sized filters mainly are used for water purification systems.

Leftmost: the smallest, 1.2 mm high filter, used in microfluidic chips; Rightmost: the largest, 1070 mm high filter, used in water purification systems.

Separation Material Technology Platform

In 2010, Biocomma started to provide OEM services in nucleic acid purification, and became a leading manufacturer in these areas. With increasing usage of SPE sorbents & silica membrane and diversifying customer needs, outsourcing couldn’t meet all customer requirements. With customer needs in mind, we established our own separation and purification material technology platform, with proprietary intellectual property rights.

We offer three options for silica membrane to expand its applications.

For nucleic acid purification, we have developed regular silica membrane, high-loading silica membrane, macroporous silica membrane and high-yield ion exchange resin. Our regular silica membrane is dedicatedly designed for nucleic acid purification, aiming to reduce the cost of nucleic acid purification columns; the high-loading silica membrane has as 1.5-2 times yield as regular silica membrane does, and gives rise to an ideal recovery for short cell-free nucleic acid fragments; the macroporous silica membrane effectively eliminates the influence of particular components in samples on test results.

Sorbents for SPE applications, including spherical sorbents for SPE and irregular sorbents for QuEChERS.

We have developed a series of SPE sorbents for chromatography separation, among which are QuEChERS sorbents such as PSA, NH2, C18, etc. These sorbents help our customers reduce their total cost to a significant extent.

By now, Biocomma has developed several separation and purification material technologies: (1) Design, synthesis and applications of new silica-based separation materials; (2) Surface modification of porous silica membrane and its applications in nucleic acid purification; (3) Applications of nanomaterials in biotechnology and sample preparation, etc.

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