Biocomma has regarded the behave and doing things as the basic principles for the past 10 years, which formed its own unique core values.

Core Values:

Focus, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration.

Biocomma Headquarters
Biocomma Headquarters

How to Do Things: Focus, Innovation

We have being specialized in multiple market segments and gradually cultivate our unique advantages whereby not only did we fill the blank of China market, but also extended to the world for the solution of basic problems in life sciences. We develop new technologies and new production facilities to reduce costs, as well as continuous marketing innovation to meet customer’s new requests. The following are the examples of our focus and innovation on the biocomma® Frits.

A Example of Innovation: Plastic Porous Filters

In 2006, due to our precise definition to the market of solid-liquid phase extraction in lab, we introduced biocomma® frits, therefore became the market leader. we successfully developed the sintering technology from high purity UHMW-PE material and completed the industrialization, thus reduced the cost. Now the biocomma® Frits have been refined into a large product line.

  1. biocomma® Frits for SPE/Flash Cartridge have a stable flow rate of intra and inter batch, high purity.
  2. biocomma® Frits for Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns is widely used to extract restructuring protein, purify antibody. It has a strong hydrophilicity and stable flow rate, which can satisfy the gravity method and instrument method.
  3. biocomma® Frits for extraction of DNA include hydrophilic frits and hydrophobic frits. Hydrophobic frits is widely used to separate solid of bacteria cracking liquid from liquid of bacteria cracking liquid, but which need to be pressurized instead of the centrifugal steps; Hydrophilic frits is widely used to purify particulate DNA.
  4. biocomma® Frits for DNA Synthesis Columns used for one time DNA synthesis column, prevent the expensive CPG particles releasing.
  5. biocomma® High-Speed Centrifuge Membrane allows the nucleic acid purification column to be centrifuged at high speed, thus increase the recovery for nucleic acid.

How Do We Behave: Respect, Collaboration.

We respect everyone’s ability, encourage everyone to innovate, and promote collaboration, communication and create a good working atmosphere. The following is an example about our respect and collaboration in the Embed™ CPG Frits.

The Embed™ CPG Frits project started in 2014, many members of our team were involved in solving technical problems in production. For example, some colleagues solved the selection problem of CPG, some solved the problem of improving OD values, and some are responsible for the solution of molding problem. Finally, the project achieved success because of the suitable atmosphere that encourages collaborative innovation. Of course, the main members of the R & D in the team were also rewarded for their contribution.

Biocomma Team
Biocomma Team


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