Purification of proteins (tagged proteins, antibodies, enzymes, etc.) is one of the most commonly routine procedures in life sciences laboratories. Although a few separation methods exist, protein purification by liquid chromatography is way more efficient.

Pharmacia (now part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences) revolutionized protein purification by introducing the FPLC technique along with its ÄKTA systems in early 1980s. This new technique offers automated, quick and larger-scale purification of proteins as well as other biomolecules.

A range of prepacked columns for ÄKTA systems can be purchased from the original provider. However, these prepacked columns are prohibitively expensive and less flexible.

Why do you need such empty columns?

As mentioned above, the original prepacked columns are expensive. Most importantly, it is impossible to get custom tailored prepacked columns from the original provider.

If you want to pack columns with homebrew chromatography media, either for self-use or for commercial purposes, empty compatible columns are necessary.

Biocomma’s empty FPLC column lineup is the exact way to help you make your own prepacked columns and incubate your promising products.

Empty FPLC Columns
Empty FPLC Columns

What can you get from us?

Biocomma now offers two kinds of empty HiTrap-like, ÄKTA-compatible FPLC columns, with 1-mL or 5-mL column volumes.

FPLC Columns
FPLC Columns

For customers who purchase more than 1,000 empty columns, we provide assembly tools for free.

How to get such empty columns?

For details, please visit

1-mL empty FPLC columns and 5-mL empty FPLC columns

or contact our sales representative:

Contact: Cindy Ding

Email: bio@biocomma.com

About Biocomma

Biocomma Limited, founded in 2006, is a leading manufacturer of filtration, sample preparation and life science products. As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, Biocomma owns one filtration facility, two cleanrooms and one research & development center, supplying more than 1,500 products. For the past eleven years, we have served over 4,000 customers and provided OEM and customization services for dozens of well-known brands around the world.

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