In 2008, through optimizing the mini-filter processing, we have launched 4Tip™ filters of pipette tips and become the leader for filters of pipette tips. Since then, our filters of pipette tips have successfully entered the markets of Europe and North America and kept fast and strong growing world widely.


4Tip™ filters for pipette tips are made from pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and processed via Biocomma’s proprietary technologies. With superb hydrophobicity, 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips offer ideal barrier against aerosols in liquid handling to protect samples from potential cross-contamination and improve the results reliability of analysis.


What are Aerosols?

In liquid handling, the droplets motions (flow, splash, residual sample blow-out and etc.) easily generate aerosols. Aerosols are colloidal disperations which are formed by dispersing and suspending fine solid particles or liquid droplets in gaseous media. These solid or liquid particles with particle size 0.001 – 100 um, mainly include droplets, bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, DNA, RNA, biomolecules, special-agent molecules and etc. Along with the passage generated by negative pressure, aerosols pass into the pipette and diffuse through 2 ways. One is cross-contamination, aerosols from the pipetting of last sample accessing into the next sample; Another is diffusion into the air, and cause potential harm for the operator when handling hazardous samples, such as with Ebola, AIDS virus, or radioactive samples and etc.

Main Features of 4Tip™ Filters :

  • RNase/DNase free;
  • No flashes/impurities to meet your rigorous requirements on appearance.


Every year, we manufacture and supply the filters over 1 billion pcs to offer our best products and services for the molecular biology research and development. We are still in continually investing our resources for it to improve processing technologies and better apply for robotic automation demands. Through 10 years explores and growth, 4TipTM filters have been refined and multiplex filter group.

4Tip™ filters are de facto standards in this industry.


4Tip™ Filters Product Lines

4Tip™: Conventional Series

Conventional series with pore volume range from 35%~40%:

  • 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips: 10 ul
  • 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips: 200 ul
  • 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips: 1000 ul

4Tip™ Pro: Softer Series

Softer Series with pore Volume range from 40%~45%:

  • 4Tip™ softer filters for pipette tips: 10 ul
  • 4Tip™ softer filters for pipette tips: 200 ul
  • 4Tip™ softer filters for pipette tips: 1000 ul

Specialty Series

Pipette Filters


Pipette filters offer additional protection from liquid and vapor contaminating the pipette which is quite easy to use and replace.

4Tip™ Dual-Layered Filters


4Tip™ dual-layered filters consist of two layers with different pore sizes. The pore size of the upper blue layer is 5um, and the pore size of the down white layer is 10um, which assures the air flow and strengthen the blocking capacity to aerosols.

4Tip™ Activated Crbon Filters


4Tip™ activated carbon filters with activated carbon substance have better adsorption than normal filters.

H2OStop® Self-Sealing Filters


H2OStop® self-sealing filters have utilized high hydrophilicity of highly hydrophilic water swellable polymer to prevent overflow in liquid handling.


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