In 2014, Biocomma Limited launched our innovative Embed™ technology as well as the oligo synthesis CPG frits. Biocomma’s unique Embed™ technology provides a high efficient, fast, and economy innovation solution to oligonucleotide synthesis.

The Titbits of Embed™ Brand

This is an “Unintentional” story. Bicomma’s PE sintered filter has already had hundreds of millions of shipments per year since In 2014. The orientation of PE filter is for solid-liquid phase separation and aerosols barrier. “Ultrapure” is our persistent pursuit when select the PE material. One day, a new thought comes into our mind, is it possible to add functional materials to sinter ”functional filter”? We began our trial.

We tried many kinds of “functional materials” , the effects are actually modest. Only CPG trial was the most successful one. Therefore, we concentrated on the development of adding CPG in PE sintering technology. We successfully developed CPG Frits in combination with our proven Powder transfer technology. Embed™ becomes the proprietary brand of CPG Frits for oligo synthesis.


Meanwhile, we redefined the oligo synthesis column, which defines CPG powder-based product as the first generation technology, and the CPG Frits-based product as the second generation technology.

Embed™ Technology Principles

When sintering the mixed CPG with PE(UHNW-PE or HDPE particle), CPG particles are embedded into rigid PE structure which enables CPG frits with defined pore sizes and porosities and channels.


During the oligo synthesis reaction, the synthesis reagent flows in the channels and infused into the pores of the CPG, then reacts with the linker in the pores, reacts repeatedly and obtain the desired oligo.



What Competitive Advantages Do We Have?

The manufacturing output of our PE filter is hundreds of millions/year, we sinter CPG Frits with the most suitable PE powder.



After three years of development, Embed™ technology has evolved into three product families of Gene Synthesis, Universal synthesis columns and first-generation synthesis columns.


The Advantages of CPG Frits for Embed™ Oligo Synthesis

  1. Improved Oligonucleotide Purity : 20% purity improvement, simplify the oligo purification produre.
  2. Cost-Effective: The unique channel design of CPG frits are capable of reducing the reagent consumption about 60%.
  3. High throughout: Sintered CPG Frits can be assembled into empty columns or multi-well plates for automatic oligonucleotide synthesizers.

Gene Synthesis Product Line

Embed™ Gene Synthesis columns


Embed™ gene synthesis columns are available in 5nmol and 10mol, suitable for mainstream commercial synthesizers, such as MerMade 192, Dr. Oligo 192, Oligo Maker 192 etc. The columns enable oligo with high purity and reduce the mutation rate of its offspring.

Embed™ 384-Well Plates


Compare with synthesis column, 384-well plates provide an efficient and low-cost possibility for gene synthesis. Standard 384-well plate design can improve the efficiency via smooth workflow. The plates enable oligo with high purity and reduce the mutation rate of its offspring.

Universal Synthesis Column Series

Universal Synthesis Columns


Embed™ universal synthesis columns are suitable for mainstream commercial synthesizers, such as MerMade 192, Dr. Oligo 192 and Oligo Maker 192. Could be apply for synthesis of PCR primers & probes, oligo hybridization probes, and anti-sense DNA strands. 25nmol/50nmol/100nmol/200nmol are optional.

1st Generation Synthesis Columns Series

1st Generation Synthesis Columns


In order to facilitate customers to follow the traditional synthesis equipment and protocols, Biocomma continuously supplies the 1st generation Oligo synthesis column. With Universal Linker CPG powder, optimized flow rates frits and automatic assembly technical, the columns are particularly well-suited for large-scale synthesis, enables good compatibility with existing equipment and protocols.

We are contributing to the synthesis of life.



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