Biocomma Limited has been innovating across industries all the time. We regard cross-industry innovation as our culture gene.

After focusing on filtration and life science over ten years, we have many innovations, such as

Innovation #1

Improved filtration technology of porous plastic is applicable for chromatographic analysis and protein research. Biocomma® frits not only fill up the domestic market, also sold to overseas, especially European and American markets.

Innovation #2

Generalize H2OStop&re; self-sealing technology to medical field, simplify the structure of shut-off valves in disposable drainage bag and reduce cost of shut-off valves. At same time, we improved the hospital infection status of venous transfusion with self-sealing technology.

Innovation #3

Improved production process of ultra-small filter. 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips make contribution to global molecular biology research and testing. We are still improving 4Tip™ technology to enhance automation level of molecular detection.

Innovation #4

Reduced cost of filters for industrial automation, and keep improving technology to reduce noise of workers’ operating environment. Click to know more about Dasang® mufflers and Dasang® SMT filters.

Innovation #5

Embed™ CPG Frits combined of functional materials and porous plastic technology. It’s basic element of oligo synthesis. We are devoting to the synthesis of life.

Innovation #6

Improved material of nucleic extraction. The successful development of CommaX™ nucleic acid purification spin columns is pushing scientific research become industrial research, and contributing to the improvement of life health.

Innovation #7

We combined the filter technology and activated carbon technology, and create low cost Copure&re; water pitchers filters. Therefore, people who own ordinary income can afford more healthy water.

Let’s do more innovation together.

Biocomma Team
Biocomma Team

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