In the past 2017, Biocomma payed close attention to customer requests and focused on alternative ways to creatively build quality improvement through continuous innovation into the development process. The following is an simple overview of the innovation that Biocomma have done.

At the TIDES 2017 conference held on January, Biocomma introduced its leading nucleic acid synthesis / purification accessories to the customers around the world, such as Embed™ gene synthesis 384-Well Plate, etc.


The TIDES conference in Amsterdam is a world-class meeting in the fields of oligonucleotides and peptides, which provides a stage for academic research and commercial applications. It is the fourth time for Biocomma to participate in the meeting of TIDES.

In February, Biocomma’s official English website was upgraded successfully. In order to conveniently serve the global customers, we have made many innovations according to the modern Web design principles. For example, the functions of full-text search, document download were added and the responsive user interface was supplied.


In March, Biocomma made a comprehensive introduction of its sample preparation products at the PittCon 2017 exhibition. Our SPE/QuEChERS products have been praised by Steven J Lehotay who is the co-inventor of QuEChERS.


In April, The dedicated production line of the H2OStop self-sealing filters for suction liners went into operation. At the same time, the biocomma® filters for humidifiers came into industrialization. In the field of medical filters, Biocomma products have become the first choice of several well-known medical consumables manufacturers.


Besides, the Biocomma Official Blog (Chinese) was set up to broaden the channels of communication with customers.


In May, The automatic assembly line of the nucleic acid purification spin columns was put into use. Meanwhile, the extraction amount of high loading silica gel membrane was 1.5-2 times than the ordinary silica gel membrane, which made a breakthrough development.


In June, In order to cooperate the implementation of the new Chinese national food safety standard, biocomma made a promotion of Copure® mycotoxin affinity columns, as well as an extensive training and application support to customers.


In July, Copure® QuEChERS kits for veterinary drug residues and specialty QuEChERS kits were released. Biocomma has become a innovative supplier in QuEChERS field through automatic power distributing and packaging technology, as well as great breakthrough in granular sorbents.


In August, the specialized product line of filters for water filtration systems has been put into operation, guaranteeing enough stock for important customers in “Double 11” promotion.


In September, Biocomma grandly put forward the Silibase® SPE cartridges. The series are designed specially for the large number of applications of third party Laboratories, only supplying the most frequently used specifications. It reduced the cost of our customers via large-scale automation production.


On 10th-13th in October, Biocomma appeared magnificently in BCEIA 2017, bringing many innovated products for customers in analysis field.


It was the fourth time that Biocomma attended the BCEIA pageant. In this exhibition, Biocomma gave priority to display Copure® SPE cartridges and QuEChERS products, attracting many customers.

In November, Biocomma Announced Sample Prep Parts Catalogue. The catalogue gathered essence of more than ten years of research work of Biocomma, including core accessories of solid-liquid separation. It also provides innovative solutions for chemical analysis, separation and preparation, protein purification, nucleic acid purification, polypeptide synthesis and nucleic acid synthesis. The catalogue also help customers efficiently convert the laboratory achievements into markets, the same time shorten the research period and reduce the integral cost.


Classical products of Biocomma, such as biocomma® frits, 4Tip™ filters for pipette tips, biocomma® empty columns with frits, they were all inclued to the catalogue. What’s more, we also introduced a series of latest achievements, such as biocomma® rimless tubes, biocomma® SPE sorbents, biocomma® dissolution filters, and so on.

In December, Biocomma Limited officially received the National High and New Tech Enterprises Certificate. This is another glory after we got Shenzhen High and New Tech Enterprises Certificate, and ISO 9001:2015 Certificate in 2016. National High and New Tech Enterprises Certificate, Shenzhen High and New Tech Enterprises Certificate, ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, these three certificates indicate that the innovation service of Biocomma has been widely recognized in the filed of sample prep, porous plastics, etc.


The National High and New Tech Enterprises Certificate was issued by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Financial Committee, Shenzhen State Tax Bureau and Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau. The Certificate number is GR201744201361, and it is valid for three years.

We have come into 2018 unknowingly. In the new year, Biocomma is willing to work with our customers closely and go ahead together to merit our mission.

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