Commercially available SPE cartridges are really convenient. There are thousands of providers, Biocomma included, willing to sell you some. However, what if these out-of-box cartridges could not meet your needs?

There are two options. You can ask for custom cartridges from some providers, eg. Biocomma. For a small quantity of cartridges, customization often means a much higher price. So another option: Pack your own! Biocomma’s empty SPE cartridges and toolkits make possible for you to pack your own SPE cartridges.

The following instructions show you how to pack a SPE cartridge in three steps.

1. Loading Bottom Frit

Push the bottom frit to the bottom of the cartridge using a push rod.


2. Filling Sorbent

Keep the cartridge upright, place stemmed funnel onto the cartridge, add required amount of sorbent to the cartridge via the funnel. Remove the funnel after all sorbent slips into the cartridge.


Note: 1) The stemmed funnel’s stem should be long enough to put the bottom frit to its final position; 2) Avoid the sorbent adhering to the wall of the cartridge when removing the stem funnel.

3. Loading Top Frit

Push the top frit horizontally to the top of the cartridge using a push rod.


Note: If a gap appears between the top frit and the top of sorbent, hold the cartridge upright and tap the cartridge wall gently, then push the top frit to the right position with the push rod.


Congrats, you just packed your own SPE cartridge.

If tens of thousands of SPE cartridges, we recommend Biocomma’s customization services. Our automated assembly line is more productive than any manual assembly tool.

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