1.Experiment Purpose

Test the CommaPure® Anion-exchange Plasmid Preparation kits for transfection of Arabidopsis protoplasts, and compare it with another famous brand anion-exchange kits.

2.Experiment principle

Prepare ultrapure plasmid DNA with anion-exchange technique.

3.Experiment material and equipment

CommaPure® Anion-exchange Plasmid Preparation kits and A well-known brand high-purity plasmid extraction kit (hereinafter referred to as “company W”).

CommaPure® Anion-exchange Plasmid Preparation kits

4.Experiment procedure

a.Plasmid preparation

Use Anion-exchange Plasmid Preparation kits from Biocomma and Company W to extract plasmid (35S : GFP)

b.Protoplast transformation

Take 100μg each of plasmid (35S : GFP) extracted from two Resin kits, and separate protoplasts from Arabidopsis thaliana by enzymatic hydrolysis, and transform foreign genes into protoplasts by PEG-mediated transformation for transient expression. Observe transformation efficiency after 12 hours of culture.

5.Experimental Result

After 12 hours culture, observe transformation efficiency by fluorescence confocal microscope.

Transfection result by the kits from Company W and Biocomma .

Pic 1. Company W
Pic 2:Biocomma CommaPure® Kits

6.Experiment Conclusion

After Plasmid preparation and transformation, the amount of protoplasts expressing the GFP green fluorescent protein in the plasmid extracted with the CommaPure® kit is significantly higher than that of Company W.

7.Order information

Cat# Specification Package
MRP030-1CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Megaprep kits with column RS30-220Preps/box
MRP030-2CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Megaprep kits with column RS30-2 and 004410-M (filtration cartridge with pushrod) 5Preps/box
MRP300-1CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Gigaprep kits with RS300-22 5 Preps/box
RS30-1CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Maxiprep columns(Yield:300-600µg) 20 pcs/box
RS30-2CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Megaprep columns(Yield:500-1000µg) 20 pcs/box
RS300-22 CommaPure® Anion-Exchange Plasmid Gigaprep columns (Yield:5-10mg) 20 pcs/box
OEM service is available

About biocomma

Biocomma Limited, founded in 2006, is a leading manufacturer of filtration, sample preparation, oligo synthesis and nucleic acid purification products, based on its two technology platforms of porous plastic filters and separation materials. Biocomma is ISO9001:2015 certificated and a National High and New Tech Enterprise.

Biocomma owns one filter manufacturing facility, two assembly facility and one R & D center, supplying more than 1,500 products. For the past eleven years, we have served over 4,000 customers and provided OEM and customization services for dozens of well-known brands around the world.

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