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Nucleic Acid Extraction System

BBased on magnetic bead adsorption and separation automated extraction method, M32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems could overcome the disadvantages of traditional nucleic acid extraction methods, and achieve rapid, efficient preparation of 1-32 samples at a time.

Withcorresponding nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can process various sample types such as serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs, stools, tissues, paraffin sections, bacteria, fungi, etc., and used for disease prevention and control, animal quarantine, clinical diagnosis, entry-exit inspection Quarantine.
Food and Drug Administration, Forensic Medicine, Teaching and Scientific Research.


  • High-efficiency: The optimization of magnetic rod and amplitude adjustment technology can easily deal with all kinds of tiny magnetic beads, and easily achieve the extraction of nucleic acids without wall- hanging residues.
  • Safety: The use of disposable extraction sleeves and ultraviolet sterilization lamps to avoid aerosol pollution from different batches and reduce operational risks.
  • Intelligent: The unique cockpit control panel UI design can display the operating parameters at one time, which is easy to understand and operate.
  • Standardization: Multiple running programs can be edited as required, and a large memory core is provided to ensure uniform experimental conditions.
  • Automated, high-throughput: Automated nucleic acid extraction experiments, 32 samples can be processed at one time, and the processing speed of nucleic acids is 4-5 times that of a single manual extraction.
  • Professional auxiliary reagent: With strong technical support, making user experiments easier
  • High reagent compatibility: In addition to biocommareagents, it can respond to various types of magneticbead method nucleic acid extraction kits on themarket.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance, convenient and fast.

Instrument parameters

Product NameM32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems
Model M32
Sample throughput 1-32
Volume 20~1000 μL
Consumable 96-well deep plate + magnetic rod cover
Purification hole difference(CV) <3%
Operation humidity10%~90%
Operation temperature10℃~40℃
Heating temperatureLysis heating temperature: RT+5℃~125℃  Elution heating temperature: RT +5℃~125℃
Vibration Level 1-3 adjustable
Disinfection and decontaminationUV light
Reagent typeMagnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagent
InterfaceEmbedded integrated touch screen operation
Program managementNew, edit and delete, free and flexible editing and extraction programs
Connector USB
PowerAC110V-230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 750W
Net weight25 Kg

Order information

Cat. #   Description Qty. 
NAES-32 M32 Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems 1EA/Box
Cat. #  Description Qty.  
NAES-96 M96 Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems 1EA/Box

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