Biocomma has been providing customers with some key parts for laboratory liquid-solid separation. These parts are frits and empty tubes. The most typical applications of these products are solid-phase extraction (SPE) and nucleic acid / protein purification.

As I mentioned in a previous article, we are expanding our portfolio of sample preparation products. The new items, listed on the biocomma® Sample Prep Parts catalog, include SPE sorbents and silica membrane.

All sorbents have been used in our Copure® SPE cartridges. Biocomma’s laboratory has tested them in more than two hundred analysis: analysis of pesticides and veterinary drugs in foodstuffs, analysis of organic organic pollutants in soil and surface water, analysis of additives in facial creams, etc.

The silica membrane has been used in our CommaX™ nucleic acid purification products, including spin columns and kits.

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