Why do we focus on providing the OEM service of biological laboratory consumables?


We do this purely by chance.

In 2010, the product lines of Nucleic Acid Purification were established , include the mini, midi and maxi column. Accidentally, We solved the optimization flow rate problem for a foreign company, which used biocomma® frits technology. then we started the OEM services of nucleic acid purification products. Now, we become the first company to do the OEM service of laboratory consumables in China.

In 2012, we consciously take advantage of the industrialization of the Pearl River Delta to start OEM service of SPE Cartridges, and gradually become a market leader and pioneer in the field. Until now, we have successfully made the platform of frits and empty columns, cooperated with the manufacturers of sorbent around the world. Moreover, we have set up our own evaluation laboratory and launched the SPE cartridges and QuEChERS products suitable for the Chinese market.

Biocomma has become the largest accessories supplier of nucleic acid purification and SPE cartridges, as well as the OEM service provider.



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