We produce filters for health.

Biocomma have accumulated 10 years of experience in porous plastic sintering technologies, and could offer different filters which combine multiple functions and properties, such as hydrophobic/hydrophilic, hard/soft, single/dual-layer, mixed sintering or united-joint with other materials. As follows, we would like to introduce specifically one by one.

Hydrophobicity VS Hydrophilicity

Hydrophobicity: Normal filters/frits are made from UHMW-PE and are hydrophobic, which could be easily wetted by organic solvents and fit for the matrix/samples in organic phase.
Hydrophilicity: Through special processing, the hydrophilic filers/frits could be well wetted in aqueous phase solutions.

Hardness VS Softness

Hard filters: have good supporting property and could be a good option for water/air filtration.
Softer filters: are processed with special processing, soft filters could achieve to higher porosity which offers an ideal solution for air filtration with high demand.

Roughness VS Smoothness in Surface

Through optimizing and adjustment for the roughness and smoothness in surface, the filters could be designed and customized for adjusting the frictional force.

Single Layer VS Dual-layers

Due to the unique structure: one layer with smaller pore size, the other layer with larger pore size, dual-layered filters could perfectly ensure and balance proper air flow and effective barrier. Generally, different layers can be marked in different color to recognize.

Mixed Sintering Technology

UHMW-PE could be mixed and sintered with other materials to achieve multiple functions.

Jointing with Other Materials

For some special applications, the tensile strength of general filters with porous structure might be too small to meet the requirements. Biocomma could offer jointing technology to easily connect the filters to other material with high tensile strength to meet the special demands.

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